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Entry #1

awsome r me

2011-04-28 21:14:06 by leonhogan

i am going to start making ng art,i hope u all like it.


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2011-04-28 22:17:45

Well I hope your art is better than your clarity of thought.


2011-04-28 22:48:14

not to follow you around eveywhere Typical
and not to undermine your authority
but I felt this post to be quite poignant and meaningful
as a matter of fact it reminded me of the poets of the lost generation in both simplicity of word choice and convolutedness of sentence structure
bravo leon you are truly a master craftsman of the written word


2011-04-28 23:31:46

Oh, no offense taken. I in fact welcome thy presence here. How do you do?


2011-10-12 00:13:51

hey thanks for agreeing with me!and good luck on the art!